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Evangelism Committee

Our vision is to share God’s Love through church events while inviting our whole Coldspring community to join.

Here are a few examples of Community events held throughout the year.

New Member Luncheon

This is a great opportunity to fellowship with new members in our church and for all members to “get to know” each other.

Annual A&M Blue-Grass Concert

If you enjoy good music, this is your chance to come out and hear some great Blue-Grass gospel.

Holy Week Worship

Our annual Holy Week worship services are great opportunities to involve the community.  With worship services at different times and places anyone can find a chance to connect.

PotLuck Meals and Ice Cream Socials

Do we need to say anything else, who doesn’t enjoy a good church dinner or home-made ice cream.  

Back to Church Celebration

This has become even more important as COVID has changed what church involvement looks like, these are opportunities for you celebrate and connect coming back to church.

Reconnect Dinners

If you’ve been out of church or are new to the area, these are opportunities to get to know people individually.

If you want to join our team, we meet the first Tuesday of each month at 3:30pm at the church & via zoom.  If you would like to join us or hear more about what we do contact Sandra McQuiggin @ 713-503-8460